Marie McDonnell
President and Founder

Marie McDonnell is Founder and President of McDonnell Property Analytics,  in Brewster, Massachusetts, a leading provider of title and securitization forensic reports and expert services to attorneys, consumers, registries of deeds, and other governmental agencies.

Marie has been engaged as an expert witness in cases ranging from chain of title, securitization and truth in lending disputes between individual lenders and homeowners to large-scale disputes between governmental bodies and major national banks. Marie and McDonnell Property Analytics have trained high level personnel from state and federal law enforcement agencies and regulatory agencies regarding detection of invalid assignments, robo-signing, fraud and misrepresentation in mortgage and foreclosure instruments.

Marie began her work in real estate and mortgage financing in 1986 during the height of the Savings and Loans scandal.  She quickly recognized that consumers had no representation with respect to complex alternative mortgage transactions that were unsuitable, unsustainable, and quite predictably would lead to default and foreclosure. In 1991, Marie established The Mortgage Counselor and dedicated her private practice to auditing residential mortgage loans on behalf of consumers and attorneys who specialized in foreclosure defense.  Within months, Marie uncovered a mortgage fraud scheme, orchestrated by The Dime Savings Bank of New York, that led to Attorney General investigations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut and ultimately, to multi-million dollar settlement awards and relief programs for consumers.  She knew at the time that Dime’s scheme was a dry run for something much bigger to come in the years ahead.

By 2006, Marie rebranded her company Truth In Lending Audit & Recovery Services, LLC to reflect the fact that the problems consumers were facing with respect to their mortgage loans were no mistake and required a forensic analysis and fraud examination. In the spring of 2009, Marie intervened in the now famous cases styled U.S. Bank v. Ibanez and Wells Fargo Bank v. LaRace.  She presented two amicus briefs at the trial court level in which she introduced the Securitization Paradigm and presented new evidence that supported Judge Long’s decision to overturn the Ibanez and LaRace foreclosures.  On October 1, 2010, Marie submitted a definitive amicus brief to the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that was instrumental in the SJC’s unanimous decision to uphold Judge Long’s rulings.  Max Gardner has praised Marie for her seminal role in these cases and credits her work for educating the judges about the complexities of securitization.