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We provide expert support services to law firms, public and private institutions, and to consumers.
In addition, we provide educational seminars and webinars to local public officials, and to legal and real estate professionals.


We currently offer the following forensic reports

 The Mortgage Ownership Report seeks to determine which financial institution should have the right to enforce your mortgage.  This information can serve as a powerful tool in understanding and ultimately contesting that financial institution’s standing.

The Standing Investigator Report builds upon the information gathered in compiling the Mortgage Ownership Report to provide a preliminary written analysis regarding who has the right to enforce your mortgage loan.    This report can assist you or your attorney to identify key issues to pursue.

The Mortgage Forensics Report adds more extensive analysis to the Standing Investigator Report and  to determine the right of the alleged owner of your mortgage loan to enforce it.  We examine the assignments of the mortgage and document gaps in the chain of title. Missing assignments and gaps in the chain of title may be indicative of title problems and assist the homeowner in negotiating a loan modification or pursuing quiet title.

The Foreclosure Forensics Report is especially designed for homeowners in foreclosure. This report adds to the value of the Mortgage Forensics Report by adding a review of the foreclosure documents in light of the forensic data we have uncovered. This report may aid the homeowner or the attorney aiding the homeowner in contesting the foreclosure.

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