“In our extensive experience McDonnell Property Analytics consistently produces the most credible expert reports in the field of foreclosure defense. We have found its work to be extremely reliable and its reputation reflects this reliability. As a result of painstaking years of investment in getting it right, McDonnell reports have deservedly earned the reputation as the gold standard in the field.”

Gordon F. Dickson, Chairman and Senior Partner at Prosper Law
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Attorney Donald Loeb
“I cannot say enough about the value of McDonnell Property Analytics’ forensic audit reports to my law practice representing Arizona homeowners faced with non-judicial foreclosure.  The detailed findings in their report are invaluable to me in framing my clients’ pleadings and fighting to save their homes.  Armed with the information developed by McDonnell’s audits, I have had great success obtaining court orders to stop foreclosures from going forward.  This often leads the loan servicers and banks claiming to be successor lenders to offer my clients loan modifications offering substantial debt reductions.  The cost of a McDonnell audit is money well spent.”


Attorney Brian K. Mickler
“We would not have been able to obtain such a favorable result for our clients without your efforts.”


Attorney Michael Gregg Morin
 “I have never reviewed any evaluation of mortgage documents or evaluation of default and foreclosure procedures that comes in even a distant second place.”